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Old 07-02-2013, 06:23 PM
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M2m 2013

This ride hasn't happened yet, but the M2M (Milwaukee to Minneapolis) ride is this Saturday. Leaving the Fuel Cafe at 9am, and wandering (really wandering) the back roads of Wisconsin and Minnesota to (eventually, probably) reach Diamond's Coffee Shop in the Twin Cities.

If you haven't done an M2M, it's a 'planned' ride from one city to the other, using - well to call them secondary roads might be over inflating their egos. Freeways are used to get out of, and into, the urban areas because it leaves more time for non-urban areas.

The route is 'announced' around 730am at Fuel. Announced meaning there are half sheets of paper with poorly written instructions on them. There may also be stickers. There is no riders meeting, and no organized discussion of the route or who is riding with who. Riders are expected to ride their own ride and not be stupid. No one from the event will yell at you for being stupid, they assume physics will take care of it.

The route is in no way specially marked, and (as I mentioned) the instructions are notional. Expect to get lost. Also expect to be on roads you have never been on before. These roads may or may not be on the route, but who cares. Some of the roads will make you very happy to be a motorcyclist. Others will - well there are probably more of the first type further on anyway.

I am going to be at Fuel, probably before 8 (or at least by 845), and I have every intention of (eventually) making it to Diamonds. I am also riding Suffering, my xs1100H, which got new tires today for the occasion. My last M2M was on the 250, on the way to Alaska, and I blogged about it. I expect this one will, at least, be faster.

Post ride, I will wander back over here and share some pictures, and of course I think everyone in the area should come along.
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