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Old 11-26-2014, 01:20 PM
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xs11 titled project bike, with extra bits.

I broke my xs11, and am looking to move it as a project since I am moving and need to empty storage. Below is the email I sent to the local vintage moto group, since it's easier than retyping everything.

With all this talk of projects around, I'll add one. This is my xs1100, Yamaha with vetter fairing and luggage. It's an 81, comes with extra 6.5 gallon tank (that's 2 of the venturer tanks, one with a fuel tap for an aux tank), second set of rims and a few other extra bits.The bike has actually been back and forth the USA a few times, so it's not shiney.

The bad news, there was a nut in the #2 cylinder and all four intake valves are bent. The engine head, exhaust, and fairing are already off. Bike is rolling, has a clean title, and lots of stickers so you can look like you've been places. The tires are, at least, almost new.

I don't have the time or space to fix it myself, and don't want to invest the money to have someone else do it. I am also getting rid of my storage unit, and so won't have the space to (easily) store it. I am willing to entertain just about any offer, though I am aware of the value of the valuable bits, and am willing to leave the junk bits in a dumpster somewhere if I have to. I'd be sad, but it's true.
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