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Useful links
These are links to sites (not online stores) deemed useful for XS11 owners.
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1   Link   Sid (Skids) Hansen's web page.
Another XS11.com Member's Informative web pages:Recondition Gas Tank; Schematic of Carbs; Volt.Reg. VW/Audi; Quick Carb Cleaning;
Building good MC Trailer Hitch; Headlight Switch Mod
2   Link   Jerry Fields 'Sorting Out the XJ Suspension
Moderator Jerry Fields' Sorting Out the XJ Suspension and other links!
3   Link   Lamric's XS Parts # Finder/cross reference
After you register, you can search for OEM parts #'s and what OTHER bikes use same parts.
4   Link   The Dutch XS11 Site
Interesting Info and bikes.
5   Link   Ken Talbot's XS11 Page
Our very own SuperMod Ken Talbot and his very informative pages!
6   Link   Norm Kokes' Tips
Tips on tuneups, building MC trailer(to pull behind bike)and hitch, as well as the YICS tool.
7   Link   Blaine Hoopes' Motorcycle Info pages.
Lots of Info and tips about Motorcycles.
8   Link   CarbParts Mikuni Tuning Info
CarbParts.com Mikuni Tuning Info
9   Link   CV Carb Tuning-Factory Pro site
Good info on tuning CV carbs.

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